Family: Amanda, Mike, Saren, Aster

I was so excited to photograph this family before their move to the west coast. How bittersweet it was -- a little sad to see them go, a little jealous of their move (no offense to east coasters... I've lived here forever), but mostly, so happy about their new beginning! Thank…

Maternity: Renee’

This old friend of mine is already kicking butt being an amazing mom to her handsome twin boys. Congratulations, Renee'. These autumn maternity photos are some of my faves.

{Preview} Maternity: Renee’

  Maternity photos mean something completely different to me now that I'm a mama. They were always so exciting and magical, but I found that yesterday's shoot came even more naturally to me. And it didn't hurt that I had some time to catch up with an old friend. More…

Concert Photography: Iration & Stick Figure

So, hooked me up with this amazing opportunity to cover concerts (one of my TRUE LOVES) with a photo pass (the dream, basically). Check out my work for the Iration & Stick Figure show at the 9:30 Club. A few of my favorite shots:  

Maternity: J, D, M

I cannot describe how excited I am to know J and D's new little man's face! Loved this last minute call to visit with some old friends and wish them luck on the coming (VERY SOON) of their second little one.
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