04. 04. 2016

{Preview} Family: Amanda, Mike, Saren, Aster

Couldn’t hit the hay tonight without posting one. I loved the light here. And this little girl, who is so lively and hilarious, sat down for a quick minute.

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11. 05. 2015

Maternity: Renee’

This old friend of mine is already kicking butt being an amazing mom to her handsome twin boys. Congratulations, Renee’. These autumn maternity photos are some of my faves.

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09. 16. 2015

Family: Kat, Bruce, Daren, Jax, Ginger

Kat and Bruce, I can’t say thank you enough for choosing me to photograph your family — you and all three of your children.

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08. 31. 2015

{Preview} Maternity: Renee’

  Maternity photos mean something completely different to me now that I’m a mama. They were always so exciting and magical, but I found that yesterday’s shoot came even more naturally to me....

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08. 31. 2015

{Preview} Family: Kat, Bruce, Daren, Jax, Ginger

And so begins my return out of “retirement.” This amazing family was just the perfect place to start. More to come.

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06. 28. 2015

Places | Seven Oaks Lavender Farm in Catlett, VA

Loved this afternoon at the lavender farm. Can’t wait to go back for a wreath making class at some point! Glad to have caught the very end of the season. WILL RETURN.

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05. 04. 2015

Concert Photography: Iration & Stick Figure

So, earnuggets.com hooked me up with this amazing opportunity to cover concerts (one of my TRUE LOVES) with a photo pass (the dream, basically). Check out my work for the Iration & Stick Figure...

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04. 06. 2015

Maternity: J, D, M

I cannot describe how excited I am to know J and D’s new little man’s face! Loved this last minute call to visit with some old friends and wish them luck on the coming...

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08. 10. 2014

Engaged: Carrie & Pete

Carrie and I went to high school together. Yeeeears later, we reconnected, through my cousin (and bff), and I can’t feel happier! I am so excited for you and Pete, and I can’t...

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07. 22. 2014

Newborn: Baby Aster

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